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reduced powerreduced power
reduced fatreduced fat
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reduced sugarreduced sugar
reduced recoilreduced recoil
reduced sodiumreduced sodium

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reduced metal oxides co2 oxidation ethylenereduced metal oxides co2 oxidation ethylene
reduced relative clausesreduced relative clauses
reduced row echelon formreduced row echelon form
reduced motor controlreduced motor control
reduced property in algarvereduced property in algarve
reduced viscosityreduced viscosity
reduced massreduced mass

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late 14c., "bring back," from Old French reducer (14c.), from Latin reducere "lead back, bring back," figuratively "restore, replace," from re- "back" (see re- ) + ducere "bring, lead" (see duke (n.)). Meaning "bring to an inferior condition" is 1570s; that of "bring to a lower rank" is 1640s (military reduce to ranks is from 1802); that of "subdue by force of arms" is 1610s. Sense of "to lower, diminish, lessen" is from 1787. Related: Reduced; reducing.


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