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Loris is the common name for the strepsirrhine primates of the subfamily Lorinae [1] (sometimes spelled Lorisinae [2] ) in the family Lorisidae . Loris is one genus in this subfamily and includes the slender lorises , while Nycticebus is the genus containing the slow lorises .

The ears are small, [7] sparsely covered in hair, and hidden in the fur. [62] Similar to the slender lorises, the fur around and directly above the eyes is dark. Unlike the slender lorises, however, the white stripe that separates the eye rings broadens both on the tip of the nose and on the forehead while also fading out on the forehead. [62] Like other strepsirrhine primates, the nose and lip are covered by a moist skin called the rhinarium ("wet nose"), which is a sense organ. [63]


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