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horizontal scrollhorizontal scroll
horizontal shafthorizontal shaft
horizontal alignmenthorizontal alignment
horizontal tankhorizontal tank
horizontal scrollinghorizontal scrolling
horizontal millhorizontal mill
horizontal asymptoteshorizontal asymptotes

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horizontale asymptoot berekenenhorizontale asymptoot berekenen
horizontale lamellenhorizontale lamellen
horizontale verantwoording onderwijshorizontale verantwoording onderwijs
horizontale verantwoordinghorizontale verantwoording
horizontale bronbemalinghorizontale bronbemaling
horizontale fraudehorizontale fraude
horizontale compositiehorizontale compositie
horizontale groephorizontale groep

1550s, "relating to or near the horizon," from French horizontal , from Latin horizontem (see horizon ). Meaning "flat" (i.e., "parallel to the horizon") is from 1630s. Related: horizontally .

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