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Sure you know what chocolate is, and if you’re any bit of a hot pepper fan, you’ve got an idea of what a habanero is. But what is a chocolate habanero? It’s not a line of spicy candies , that’s for sure. No, this is a variety of  habanero peppers, like the Red Savina habanero , that packs a serious punch. In fact it’s even spicier than the Red Savina with unique earthy and smoky undertones that compliment their typical habanero sweetness.

The name indicates something or someone from La Habana ( Havana ). In English, it is sometimes incorrectly spelled habañero and pronounced / ˌ ( h ) ɑː b ə ˈ n j ɛər oʊ / , the tilde being added as a hyperforeignism patterned after jalapeño . [3]


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