Gusev Crater

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Gusev is a crater on the planet Mars and is located at 14°30′S 175°24′E  /  14.5°S 175.4°E  / -14.5; 175.4 and is in the Aeolis quadrangle . The crater is about 166 kilometers in diameter and formed approximately three to four billion years ago. It was named after Russian astronomer Matvei Gusev (1826–1866) in 1976.

December 30, 2003: On January 3, Spirit, NASA’s 400-pound rover, is scheduled to land on what may be a dried-up lake bed on Mars. “There's not much doubt: this site contained a body of liquid water, at least for some amount of time,” says Jim Garvin, NASA's Lead Scientist for Mars Exploration.


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