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giovanni's pizzagiovanni's pizza
giovanni's restaurantgiovanni's restaurant
giovanni boccacciogiovanni boccaccio
giovanni battistagiovanni battista
giovanni antoniogiovanni antonio

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giovanni van bronckhorstgiovanni van bronckhorst
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giovanni s groningengiovanni s groningen
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giovanni simeonegiovanni simeone
giovanni antwerpengiovanni antwerpen

Build 4x Hill Tree
• Cost: 40,000 ; 40,000
Build 3x City Bench
• Cost: 30,000 ; 30,000

Giovanni's role in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen is much the same; the one difference is that defeating him in the Gym battle will earn the player TM26 ( Earthquake ), instead of TM27 (Fissure). He also implies that he intends to return to power one day rather than being moved to dedicate his life to the study of Pokémon. There is a side-plot in the Sevii Islands that revolves around Giovanni; a group of Team Rocket members are trying to continue the aims of Team Rocket, but they abandon this when they realize that their leader has been defeated once and for all.


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